Preparation for 2019 is already underway. The Leinbach stable will feature a three car stable for drivers Alan Sagi and Ross Leinbach. The Black Rocket which was new for 2018 is being completely reconditioned to make it even more competitive. Alan finished the season with 5 consecutive top 5 finishes. When the car is finished it be fitted with a fresh Hershey racing engine powerplant topped off with a Leinbach Motorsports prepared carburetor. Ross will probably start the season with the ever potent red Rocket that Randy Stoudt won 16 races in 2 seasons with. The team has been working on the reconditioning of this car and it is nearly complete. It too will be fitted with a Hershey engine and a Leinbach Carburetor. The team is excited to have Alan back for next season as well as Ross returning for his second season behind the wheel. Ross showed constant improvement in 2018 and 2019 should be a break out season for Ross. There is a recently purchased Rocket in the shop which we will start the assembly stage within the next 2 weeks.   
The team will be as it was last season. We are still looking to add another crew member so we can begin to build a younger crew around Ross. We believe it be beneficial for each car to have its own crew.
The sponsors from 2018 all appear to be returning with the possibility of adding a few new ones. For the off season we are planning on entering a few shows, which we haven’t done since 2012.
The carburetor department continues to grow as more competitors are finding out just how properly prepared fuel systems can improve their finishes. We keep alcohol loaner carburetors on hand so we can keep you racing. Look for winter specials and schedule your carburetors early. Appointments are now being filled and we are booked up until Oct. 31TH. We will be running a winter rebuild special beginning 11/1/18.  Check us out on our Facebook page.
Sponsorship packages are now available and we may be contacted at our email address for further information. Join a part of history and become part of a racing tradition as Leinbach Motorsports competes in the family’s 65th racing season. Your advertisement money not only gets your name on the car, but also personal appearances by a car, drivers, and owners, depending on your venue.
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