2018 will be remembered as the year of rain outs. So far we have lost 9 races to rain. The lack of races has hurt the entire team as it prevented us from ever getting into a rhythm. Alan has posted 6 consecutive top 5 finishes and we were poised to take our first victory of the season, only to lose back to back shows to the weather. We are left with only one race left in 2018 and then we will begin our preparation for 2019.
“Leinbach Motorsports will be returning for the 2019 season.”  Alan Sagi has committed to us for the 2019 season. We are pleased to have him back and look forward to continuing our successful relationship. Alan brings with him a wealth of experience, ability, and the attitude the team needs to continue on in this difficult business. Alan has also provided valuable mentoring to Ross in his rookie season.
Ross has decided he will continue his driving career and return to the seat in 2019 and beyond. Ross driving should keep Leinbach Motorsports in existence for years to come. We have added a newer Rocket to our stable for Ross to drive next season. While no schedule has been put together, we are looking for a home track plus a few other tracks to compete at. We are planning to limit our schedule to 15-18 races. In 2019 we plan to compete with both Alan and Ross every time we race.  
The carburetor department continues to grow as more competitors are finding out just how properly prepared fuel systems can improve their finishes. We keep alcohol loaner carburetors on hand so we can keep you racing. Look for winter specials and schedule your carburetors early. Appointments are now being filled and we are booked up until Sept. 30TH. Check us out on our Facebook page.
Sponsorship packages are now available and we may be contacted at our email address for further information. Join a part of history and become part of a racing tradition as Leinbach Motorsports competes in the family’s 65th racing season. Your advertisement money not only gets your name on the car, but also personal appearances by a car, driver, and owners, depending on your venue.
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